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Teach-ins & Workshops

We have had to honor to host multiple organizations teaching our members about various issues and how to advocate for the APIDA community. This opportunities allow our members to learn and grow.

Asian-Americans and Gender-Based Violence Workshop with KAN-WIN

Because gender-based violence is an issue that often goes undiscussed, despite its deep relevance, we partnered with KAN-WIN to host a workshop to understand its impact, and our members got to learn more about Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) leaders who worked to create change.


Collaboration with Pan-Asia Solidarity Coalition

Together with UChicago's Pan-Asia Solidarity Coalition, we hosted what became a 2-hour long discussion and reflection on anti-Asian violence after the Atlanta Spa murders in March 2021. Members from the UChicago community and beyond came together to support each other and to learn about the structure of oppression through political education.

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