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Projects & Events

Even though our organization was spread across the world in 2020-2021, we still pulled off several fun and meaningful projects throughout the year. Starting in Fall of 2021, we finally got to meet in person, being able to get involved with more organizations and were able to conduct research on APIDA issues and policies. Our goal this year is to continue this momentum and create an even bigger impact on the UChicago/Chicago community and beyond.

Non-profit Partnerships

Over the winter quarter of 2022-2023, we partnered with 6 different organizations during our winter quarter projects. Each project had a different focus and was able to create some sort of deliverable that meaningfully contributed to the APIDA community and beyond

Teach-ins & Workshops

We have hosted multiple organizations to come in and teach our members about various APIDA issues and spark conversation among our community. 


While our organization was virtual over COVID, we were able to work with several nonprofits to host fundraisers. We made stickers, and partnered with Teamo Boba bar to raise money for charity. 


Over the spring quarter of 2021-2022, we researched different APIDA issues and policies. We gathered data to teach and show how these issues were affecting the APIDA community and why new policies must be put into place to address these issues. 

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