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Nonprofit Partnerships

Throughout 2021-2022, our goal during the winter quarter was to continue our engagement with the APIDA community by partnering with various nonprofit organizations. 

Social Media Optimization with the Center for Asian Health Equity

We worked with the Center for Asian Health Equity (CAHE, based right here at UChicago Medicine!) for our 10-week Winter Quarter Project in 2022. Together, we promoted CAHE’s mission of addressing the unmet health needs of the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) population in Chicago. Our members served as consultants and experts to help CAHE boost its social media presence and highlight their initiatives to reach the communities they aim to serve.


V-Protect Campaign with the Asian Health Coalition

We collaborated with the Asian Health Coalition on a 10-week long 2022 Winter Quarter Project, where members got first-hand experience promoting health equity and awareness. We helped the Asian Health Coalition address gaps in vaccine knowledge and created culturally-sensitive infographics to promote vaccine confidence in the Asian, Black, immigrant, and other populations in Illinois


Democracy Project and Civics Toolkit with SAAPRI

We partnered with the South Asian American Policy Research Institute (SAAPRI) for a 2022 Winter Quarter Project to promote civic engagement and up-to-date knowledge, particularly within Chicago’s South Asian community. We researched Chicago’s current political structures and landscape and created a toolkit of educational material, and we also enabled SAAPRI to expand its impact by compiling key student orgs that SAAPRI can connect with!


Sights & Bites Project with Dear Asian Youth

To celebrate and showcase the rich social, political, cultural, and culinary histories of Chicago’s diverse Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) communities, we created a vlog to share, as a part of Dear Asian Youth’s international Sights & Bites initiative (and as another one of our Winter Quarter Projects). We researched and visited different APIDA communities, and we talked to the chefs/owners of the most exciting APIDA-led restaurants in Chicago (and of course, tasted some delicious food)!

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